City of Bonn

Shaping sustainability on all levels

Gender@International Members: City of BonnBonn, Germany’s United Nations City: In Bonn, a powerhouse for sustainability within the United Nations has risen. Together with almost 20 organisations in the UN Campus a dense network of Bonn-based actors: academia, development services, businesses, the media, and some 170 international and internationally active NGOs, is shaping a sustainable future. Climate change, desertification, biodiversity, peace and volunteer work are only a few of “Bonn’s topics”.

Furthermore, Bonn hosts a growing hub for the SDGs. Bonn stands for networking and dialogue, transdisciplinary cooperation and synergies, the city being an active partner in many processes and a renowned and appreciated platform for the international debate. This applies to the many conferences in the new World Conference Center Bonn – the Climate Summit 2017 will take place there as well – and also for the implementation of sustainable core topics by, in and with the municipality. The City Council has adopted Local Strategies for Climate and Biodiversity and decided on sustainability as core element of Bonns Project Partnerships with cities all over the globe. Bonns Mayor Ashok Sridharan also holds the position of a First Vice President of ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability. Since 2015, Bonn is a member of the network gender@international Bonn, promoting Bonn as an international hub for gender topics and helping to send out strong signals for gender equity from Bonn.

More information and options to engage with gender equality in Bonn.