On the eve of international women’s day 2015, key players in Bonn launched the Gender@International Bonn network. The network promotes gender equality as a goal in its own right and as an enabler of sustainable development. It aims at mutual exchange and cooperation in the field of gender equality, in particular by offering a platform for internationally active stakeholders in Bonn. Hence, members of the network are organizations with an international profile and commitment to the international venue of Bonn.

Current network members are:


Based on each members individual approach to the advancement, promotion, and measures for mainstreaming gender equality, Gender@International Bonn will strengthen Bonn as a platform for gender equality on a global scale; and foster mutual exchange and cooperation in agreed fields of actions.


Network members are interested in fostering exchange, synergies and the creation of dynamic network platforms.

They see their mutual potential in activities aimed at awareness raising and advocacy for gender equality.

Current network members are: