One Year of Advocating Gender Equity

Bonn, 7 March 2016 – International Women‘s Day marks the first anniversary of

“Gender@International Bonn“. The network unites key actors of the international

Bonn in their endeavors to globally advance gender equity from Bonn. This is to be

achieved especially in the light of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The

current list of members features UN Bonn, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, GIZ,

Deutsche Welle, UN Women National Committee for Germany and the City of Bonn.


In its first year of activity, the network has already hosted successful panels and workshops

during several international conferences as well events involving Bonn-based women’s

organizations. A number of events is scheduled for 2016, among them Deutsche Welle’s

Global Media Forum in June.


The UN Bonn follow the shared goal of ‘Shaping a sustainable future’ for all. Achieving

gender equality and empowering all women and girls, as laid out in Sustainable Development

Goal N° 5, for our mandates, is a precondition for success. As long as 70 per cent of the

world’s poor are women, while female farmers are responsible for 60 to 80 per cent of the

food production in developing countries, the urgent need to act is evident. UN Bonn

contributes to the gender@international network and hereby provide additional impulse with

other actors on this crucial topic.


Beyond the United Nations, many other organizations in Bonn are tackling the cross-cutting

task of gender equality. All of them are well aware that none of the major challenges of

mankind can be coped with without women and men being on an equal playing field. Crises

and conflicts put even more emphasis on the topic – especially as the areas of disasters and

conflicts frequently pose additional dangers for women and girls to become targets of sexual

violence and discrimination.


Franz-Josef Lersch-Mense, Minister for Federal Affairs, Europe and the Media in the

Federal State of NRW, emphasized the responsibility of Germany and North Rhine-

Westphalia in respect to the global South: “Development cooperation is unable to achieve

sustainable solutions and perspectives in the global South without including gender equality

and the role of women. The agenda 2030 offers us a new and holistic framework to discuss

gender equality in the light of the major challenges of our time. In fact, we intend to take up

this question in our One-World Policy and will organize a respective event this year.

Gender@International Bonn offers an outstanding platform for this and the international

location of Bonn is an excellent stage to bring impulses into the global debate.


Tanja Gönner, Chair of the board of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale

Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) referred to the principles of the United Nations to empower women

and girls: “Human rights certainly do not distinguish between men and women. We are fully

aware that the implementation of equal rights, duties and opportunities for women and men

is a precondition for a human rights-based, socially equitable and sustainable development.

Therefore, in the framework of the German development cooperation we support our

cooperation countries to strengthen gender equality and women’s rights. At the same time,

we are doing our best to be frontrunners in our own organization GIZ!”


Peter Limbourg, Director General of Deutsche Welle, adds: “Deutsche Welle is

documenting and supporting sustainable development, and thereby gender equality. From

the beginning, we have used the DW Global Media Forum to raise awareness for the need

for action in this field. Last year’s event was a success – and we will surely build on this.”

“Bonn is international, diverse and a nourishing ground for cooperation”, says Bonn‘s Mayor

Ashok Sridharan. “On one hand, Gender@International Bonn brings together international

key players, on the other it takes the topic of gender equality into our public debate in Bonn.

In the framework of the European Year for Development, the network has just hosted a

workshop with Bonn-based women’s organizations. We are happy to present the outcomes

at International Women’s Day on March 8.”


“Standing United and Strong for Equal Rights“, says the final paper that sums up the

workshop “Women and Work: The Future we Want“. Bonn-based women’s organizations

discussed a huge variety of related topics, starting with an equal split of gainful employment

and care, as well as the access of women and girls to the labor and education markets. The

outcomes of the workshop are also available as a pdf document or printed flyer.


“Standing United and Strong for Equal Rights“, is the call for International Women’s Day

  1. And this could also be a motto for the network, which is presenting a new logo on the

occasion of its first anniversary.


“We have launched the network with great optimism. After a year, we have achieved

synergies and have gained recognition. Altogether, our perspectives are excellent”, says

Bettina Metz-Rolshausen of UN Women National Committee for Germany. “We can build on

this first year – and we are very happy to continue both the excellent cooperation in the

framework of international conferences and the fruitful dialogue with women’s organizations

in Bonn.


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